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A change in ownership, doors sticking, sheetrock cracks, brick veneer cracks, floor slope are all valid reasons to complete a foundation inspection.  Completing an inspection before a house is listed can often lead to much smoother real estate transactions and ensure the proper work was completed or, in many cases, not necessary.  Not obtaining an objective professional assessment when these items take place can lead to considerably more cost to the homeowner in the long run due to lack of documentation, overselling of a foundation repair or just a misdiagnosed repair.  

The job of a professional engineer is to represent the public.  That is best served when the engineer can work directly with the homeowner to make sure they are receiving a truly objective opinion.  Also, this allows the homeowner to have an independent assessment should they choose to obtain multiple bids for the repair. 

Often hiring an engineer saves the homeowner much more money in the long run.  Mr. Brooks has dealt with multiple cases where the job was not completed properly, the original problem was misdiagnosed, the homeowner chose a non-reputable contractor, or more work was completed than necessary.  Many contractors are reputable, however the $250-500 worth of insurance can ensure the right repair plan with a reputable contractor can be completed to best serve the homeowner. 

No, however a list of reputable contractors that can provide a firm bid can be provided.

Areas covered include from Bay City to Baytown as well as Houston and the surrounding cities.

Most concrete foundation inspections range from $250-500 depending on if a repair is required, the size of the structure, where it is located and if the floor is laser floor scanned.  The inspection includes the initial onsite assessment by Mr. Brooks, the initial report detailing the findings, a final inspection if repairs are completed, and a final report detailing that the repair was completed up to the standards detailed in the initial report.  Pier and beam foundation repair plans range from $400-600 depending on scope.

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