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G A Brooks Engineering works with homeowners, realtors, contractors and insurance companies to determine the most cost-effective solution for the repair of a foundation.  As an independent party, his evaluation can cover what is essential and what could be considered optional or unnecessary based on the guidelines set forth by the Texas Section – American Society of Civil Engineers.  Often, he has been able to show that the cost to repair the foundation is much less than originally thought or proposed by a foundation repair company.   In real estate transactions, it is essential to make sure the needs of the buyer and seller are properly met.  Greg has worked with numerous realtors to serve as that objective independent 3rd party. 

GA Brooks Engineering LLC is owned and operated by Greg Brooks P.E.  Greg has completed over 1,000 foundation inspections over the past 8 years.  Greg takes a practical approach to develop a clear and concise solution to meet the needs of the individual at a reasonable price.

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A change in ownership, doors sticking, sheetrock cracks, brick veneer cracks, floor slope are all valid reasons to complete a foundation inspection.    Usually for around $250-500 a foundation inspection and repair plan can be completed.  Prices vary depending on size of structure, location and if a repair plan is required. 

Pier and beam foundations often settle over time.  Misdiagnosing the problem often leads to premature settlement causing much more cost in the long run.  Determining if the issue is caused by undersized piers, over-spanned beams, inadequate joists, water leaks, inadequate ventilation, termites, or inadequate clearance.  Assessments and a repair plan can usually be completed for $500-600 depending on size of structure, location and if multiple foundations exists.

Inadequate clearance and flooding often make it much more cost effective to lift the foundation vs waiting for a foundation rot failure or flooding.  Houses can be lifted from 8” to 72” depending on what makes sense for the homeowner and the structure.  Lift plans can usually be developed for $500-700 depending on the scope.

Once a foundation has completely failed, it can often lead to a complete replacement.  Diagnosing the cause of the original failure and fixing it right saves a considerable amount of cost in the construction and the longevity of the structure. 

Manufactured homes most often require a foundation inspection/Tiedown review before change of ownership.  The foundation and inspection for non-proprietary foundations is assessed against the Foundations Guide for Manufactured Housing (HUD-4930.3G) under the requirements of section 3.1 for “Individual Foundation Evaluations for Non-Proprietary Systems.”  This is required for FHA Lending. 

Properly designing a slab for an addition or a new shop build will save money in construction cost and overbuild.

Remodeling often leads to the homeowner wanting to remove a wall for aesthetic appeal.  Determining if the wall is a load bearing wall and professionally specifying a beam for adequate support is essential to making sure the structure is properly supported.  

FHA now requires a new home to undergo a completion inspection by an independent party to determine if all work was completed before transfer of ownership.  Usually, this can be completed for $250. 

“I have used Greg and sent him referrals since I've been in Real Estate. During the last 5 years, he has always been very professional, cost efficient, and respective of your time. I'd definitely refer him any day, and I use him myself.”
Tanya Cortez
"GA Brooks Engineering came highly recommended by one of his peers in the industry. Greg's time was worth so much more than the cost of the inspection and report. The drawings were great, the repair plan gave me immense confidence to proceed, and his advice was invaluable. I absolutely recommend GA Brooks Engineering!"
Client, Daniel Stewart
Daniel Stewart
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