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Greg Brooks P.E. - Owner/Operator

Greg Brooks

   Greg Brooks obtained his professional engineer certification in 2013.   Since that time, Greg has completed over 1,000 foundation inspections in Brazoria, Galveston, Matagorda, Harris, Fort Bend, Wharton and Victoria Counties.

   His focus is to represent the homeowner.  Unfortunately, a homeowner will often receive multiple proposals with a significant variation in the scope of what should be done to complete a foundation repair.  This variation can lead to multiple $1,000’s of dollars of potentially unnecessary cost.  Often, for $400-600, an onsite engineering evaluation followed by a written report can be developed to identify a robust solution.

   Mr. Brooks uses the “Guidelines for the Evaluation and Repair of Residential Foundations Version 2 (Adopted May 1, 2009)” which was created by the Texas Section American Society of Civil Engineers as guidance on what work should be completed.  This guideline is widely accepted as the professional foundation evaluation best practice for assessing residential foundations throughout the state of Texas.  The guideline combines civil, geotechnical, and structural principals into a single document to represent the best needs of the homeowner.

   Other services include evaluation of pier and beam foundations, foundation assessments for non-proprietary foundation designs supporting a manufactured home, foundation contour map laser floor scans, and realtor inspections for clients buying or selling a home with possible foundation issues.

   Mr. Brooks is a 1994 Graduate of Texas A&M University with a degree in Chemical Engineering.   After training with the owner of TVH Engineering, a local civil engineering company focusing on residential foundation repair, Mr. Brooks opened his own firm in July 2013.   He continues to seek out continuing education courses on foundation repair in expansive soils, soil evaluations, and the ethics of engineering.  His main interest is to make sure that the homeowner’s interest is placed as the top priority.

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